Issues Related to Gender Identity

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Gender dysphoria is a condition where one’s biological gender at birth does not match the mental and emotional gender. Gender nonconformity is an identity, role or expression that is different from the cultural norm. In itself, gender dysphoria is a natural and normal condition for many. The struggles associated with it relates not only to self-acceptance and acceptance by others, but also depression and anxiety. Gender dysphoria presents in young children, adolescence and adults.

Hope & Harmony Therapy, LLC therapists can provide the required letters needed for hormone therapy treatment.

Many people with gender dysphoria come to therapy to:

1) Explore their gender identity or expression

2) Facilitate a “coming out” process

3) Get an assessment and referral for feminization or masculinizing medical interventions such as taking hormones or having surgery

4) Receive psychological support for family members

Clicking the image below will take you to the page where you can download the pdf version of Standards of Care (SOC).

The following are requirements for letters according to the Standards of Care:

  1. Assessment and Diagnosis of gender dysphoria and identification and treatment of any other known diagnosis that may also be active
  2. Review of gender history 
  3. Review of family history 
  4. Discussion in counseling or during the assessment about risks and benefits of treatment options
  5. A completed “Request for Letter” form which requests necessary information 

How can Hope & Harmony Therapists help with Gender Dysphoria?

Therapy is a safe nonjudgmental place where gender dysphoria, and gender variant conditions, is seen as a matter of diversity and not a disorder.  We will explore your gender history, gender expression and the history and development of your gender feelings. Also, the impact of any stigma you have experienced and how these feelings have affected your mental health and ability to function in everyday life. We will discuss the range of treatment options and their implications with you and your loved ones.  We will ascertain your eligibility and readiness for hormone therapy as well as the risks and benefits of each, if you are interested in these options.  Each person makes informed choices about what works best for them. We are able to give letters and formal recommendations to medical colleagues when appropriate.  You also have the opportunity to participate in family therapy for educational purposes and to strengthen relationships.

Our goal is to provide a safe space to discuss issues and concerns and make educated and informed decisions regarding what would work best to alleviate symptoms. In addition, we want to help those with gender dysphoria achieve lasting personal comfort with themselves.   

Gender Dysphoria Resources:

For a list of the current Transgender Support Groups in Houston, Texas go to: (search for “Houston Transgender Meetup”)